CRM for Direct Sellers

Streamline, Automate, Expedite
Transform your direct selling business with marGo’s CRM, a specialized tool designed to streamline sales processes, automate crucial follow-ups, and ensure quick deal closures. Enhance your sales strategy with advanced CRM capabilities, including ecommerce, webinars, and more.

Efficient Sales Process Management

Maximize efficiency with marGo’s CRM
Unified Customer Database
Centralize all customer information for seamless access and effective management.
Lead Management
Systematically track and manage leads, boosting your chances for conversion.
Task Automation
Automate emails, scheduling, and reminders to focus more on strategic sales activities.

Advanced CRM Features

Explore marGo’s advanced features designed for direct sellers
Marketing Templates from Corporate

Access a variety of marketing templates created by corporate, ensuring brand consistency and saving time.

Internal Communication via Messenger

Connect with colleagues easily through an integrated messenger, fostering collaboration and discussion on work-related topics.

Ecommerce Capabilities

Leverage marGo's Shoplive features to manage your online sales, track inventory, and engage with customers.

Webinar Integration

Enhance your customer outreach and training with integrated webinar capabilities, allowing for effective online presentations and meetings.

Popular Features of marGo’s CRM

Empower your sales with marGo’s popular features
Daily Sales Activities

Keep track of your daily sales activities with ease. Mobile Access: Manage your sales activities on the go with our intuitive mobile app.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights with advanced reporting and analytics tools.

3rd Party Tools Integration

Seamlessly integrate with a variety of third-party tools to expand your capabilities.

Customizable Branding Elements

Personalize your CRM interface with your own branding elements for a consistent brand experience.

Why Choose marGo?

marGo’s CRM goes beyond traditional tools; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the unique needs of direct sellers. With its customizable interface, intuitive design, and a suite of advanced features, it’s proven to elevate sales and customer relationships.

Transform Your Sales Today

Embrace the full potential of marGo’s CRM. With its state-of-the-art sales, ecommerce, and communication features, you’re not just managing your sales – you’re transforming them.

Ready to take your direct selling business to the next level?

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