About Us

Elevating Business with a Spark of marGo Magic
Welcome to marGo, where ambition meets innovation in a symphony of success. We’re not just a tech company; we are the game-changers in direct selling and corporate marketing. Our realm is where cloud-based, AI-powered CRM and marketing automation aren’t just tools, but catalysts of transformation. Think of us as the business alchemists, where we turn your goals into gold with a sprinkle of marGo magic.

Our Vision

Picture a world where B2B2C interactions aren’t just exchanges, but opportunities for remarkable connections. That’s the world we’re building at marGo. Our vision? It’s a vibrant mosaic of advanced technology, human brilliance, and an unwavering commitment to community. Here, we equip direct sellers and corporate teams with the crème de la crème of innovative tools – not just nurturing growth, but cultivating a thriving business ecosystem. At marGo, we’re not just fans of technology’s transformative power; we’re the conductors of its symphony, leading with innovation and a dash of flair.

Our Journey

The marGo story began in 2013, born from a team of tech enthusiasts and industry maestros. What started as a bold dream has now flourished into a beacon in the CRM and marketing automation space. Our journey is more than a timeline; it’s a narrative of passion, resilience, and a dash of maverick spirit, all dedicated to making a mark in the direct selling and MLM universe.

A Symphony of Success

Joining marGo is like stepping into a gathering of visionaries and achievers – a place where direct sellers, sales leaders, corporate marketers, and executives orchestrate their success stories with a touch of marGo’s unique rhythm.

Our Commitment

From our first day in 2013, our promise has been solid

to serve, support, and elevate, with a hint of unexpected delight. Every interaction with marGo, from tailored onboarding to our comprehensive training and responsive support, is designed to fuel your ascent to new heights. Your success isn't just our aim; it’s our inspiration. Together, let's chart a course to extraordinary achievements.

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Us

Step into the world of marGo. Whether it's honing sales processes, weaving enchanting marketing campaigns, or enhancing team synergy, marGo is your steadfast companion in this quest for success. Schedule a demo today and join us on an exhilarating journey where intelligence meets innovation – with just the right amount of marGo sparkle.

Leadership Team

Kumar Govindarajan
CEO & Chief Architect
Kumar is a CRM and Martech technology leader and serial entrepreneur who founded companies such as Adita Technologies, Adita Digital (Trading as marGo), and Ayan Infotech. Over the years Kumar has worked with several fortune 500 companies to solve business challenges with intelligent use of CRM and Martech technologies. He is integral in driving innovation, thought leadership and strategic product direction for the marGo Platform.
Dean Yellets
Product Advisor
Dean is a technology business leader with significant direct selling experience building digital marketing solutions and supporting the top 1% of direct sellers. With a background as a former CPA, technology contract negotiator, and complex solution seller, Dean brings invaluable business expertise to our team.
Nitin Sharma
Director of Global Service Delivery & Solution Architect
Nitin is a seasoned professional with over a decade of Salesforce and Full Stack technology design and implementation experience. He is an expert in designing practical solutions to solve complex business problems with a multitude of technologies. As a proven advisor and enterprise/ technical architect, he has helped over 400 companies to unlock the power of CRM and Marketing automation
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